Party Pick & Mix 3kg – Choose 30 Items

  Product Quantity

ABC Letters 100g

ABC Letters 100g

Aniseed Balls 100g

Apple Bonbons 100g

Assorted Fizzy Mix 100g

Barnetts Dandelion & Burdock 100g

Barratt Black Jack 100g

Barratt Bubblegum Mushrooms 100g

Barratt Bumper Bananas 100g

Barratt Candy Sticks 100g

Barratt Dolly Mixtures 100g

Barratt Fruit Salad 100g

Barratt Jelly Babies 100g

Barratt Jelly Bean Love Hearts 100g

Barratt Jelly Spogs 100g

Barratt Milk Bottles 100g

Barratt Mini Foam Bananas 100g

Barratt Peach Rings 100g

Barratt Shrimps 100g

Big Gummy Monkeys 100g

Blue Crystals 100g

Blue Jelly Babies 100g

Blue Paint Balls 100g

Blue Raspberry Bonbons 100g

Brays Bulls Eyes 100g

Brays Coconut Toastie 100g

Brays Old English Mints 100g

Brays Winter Mixture 100g

Bristows Vanilla Fudge 100g

Bubblegum Bonbons 100g

BUBS Banana and Caramel 100g

BUBS Banana Mini Ovals 100g

BUBS Big Sour Skulls 100g

BUBS Bubblegum Skulls 100g

BUBS Cool Cola Skulls 100g

BUBS Passion Pineapple Skulls 100g

BUBS Raspberry and Blueberry Foam Sweets 100g

BUBS Sour Bolts 100g

BUBS Sour Foam Tutti Frutti 100g

BUBS Sour Mini Skulls 100g

BUBS Sour Octopus 100g

BUBS Strawberry & Pomegranate Ovals 100g

BUBS Watermelon Ovals 100g

Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Peanuts 100g

Cherry Bonbons 100g

Chicken Feet 100g

Christmas Elves 100g

Christmas Penguins 100g

Christmas Trees 100g

Crazy Jelly Beans 100g

Dracula teeth 100g

Emoti Bubblegum Buttons 100g

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles 100g

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles 100g

Fizzy Cola Bottles 100g

Fizzy Dracula Teeth 100g

Fizzy Little Mix 100g

Fizzy Peaches 100g

Fizzy Strawberry Hearts

Fizzy Tongue Painting Dummies 100g

Fizzy Watermelon Slices 100g

Fizzy Watermelon Slices 100g

Fox's Glacier Mints 100g

Fried Eggs 100g

Fruity Unicones 100g

Giant Dolphins 100g

Giant Strawberries 100g

Giant Sugared Cola Bottles 100g

Glisten Chocolate Mini Eggs 100g

Green Cola Bottles 100g

Green Paint Balls 100g

Gummy Bones 100g

Gummy Candy Canes 100g

Gummy Crocodiles 100g

Gummy Gingerbread Men 100g

Gummy Meerkats 100g

Gummy Monkey 100g

Gummy Monsters 100g

Gummy Pumpkins 100g

Gummy Snow Flakes 100g

Hannahs Assorted Tools 100g

Hannahs Chocolate Frogs 100g

Hannahs Chocolate Pandas 100g

Hannahs Fish 'N' Chips 100g

Hannahs Spinning Tops 100g

Hannahs White Mice 100g

Happy Flowers 100g

Haribo Fried Eggs 100g

Haribo Rhubarb & Custard 100g

Jelly Eye Balls 100g

Jelly Filled Apple Mallows 100g

Jelly Filled Peach Mallows 100g

Jelly Filled Skulls100g

Jelly Filled Turtles 100g

Jelly Snakes 100g

Juicy Red Lips 100g

Jumbo Jellybeans - Orange & Blackberry 100g

Kingsway Avocado Gummies 100g

Kingsway Mini Fangs 100g

Kingsway Nut Brittle 100g

Kopp Kops

Lemon Bonbons 100g

Lemon Crystals 100g

Mallow Tubes 100g

Milk Chocolate Beans 100g

Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Balls 100g

Milk Chocolate Raisins 100g

Millions Banana 100g

Millions Blackcurrant 100g

Minions Jelly Sweets 100g

Multicoloured Jelly Turtles 100g

Neon Worms 100g

Orange & Lemons 100g

Orange Bonbons 100g

Orange Paint Balls 100g

Peppa Pig Gummies 100g

Pink Paint Balls 100g

Pint Pots 100g

Pumpkin Mallows 100g

Ravazzi Black Hearts 100g

Ravazzi Gummy Cherry Stars 100g

Red Paint Balls 100g

Reindeer Gummies 100g

Rhubarb & Custard 100g

Royale Kola Bricks 100g

Royale Pineapple Cubes 100g

Royale Sherbet Lemons 100g

Sherbet Pips

Sour Apples 100g

Sour Dummies 100g

Sour Flames 100g

Sour Melon Slices 100g

Stockleys Blackcurrant & Liquorice 100g

Stockleys Chocolate Limes 100g

Stockleys Fruit Rock 100g

Stockleys Pear Drops 100g

Stockleys Rosy Apples 100g

Stockleys Sugar Free Fruit Drops 100g

Stockleys Sweet Peanuts 100g

Strawberry & Cream Jelly Sweets 100g

Strawberry Bonbons 100g

Strawberry Cable Bites 100g

Strawberry Dummies 100g

Strawberry Milkshake Bottles 100g

Strawberry Mushrooms 100g

Strawberry Twist Kisses 100g

Sugar Coated Glow Worms 100g

Sugared Almonds 100g

Sweet Dreams Choc Lick 100g

Sweet Dreams Mint Choc Nibbles 100g

Sweet Dreams Orange Choc Nibbles 100g

Sweet Dreams Toffee Crumble 100g

Swirly Fish 100g

Swizzels Barley Sugar 100g

Swizzels Butterscotch 100g

Taveners American Hard Gums 100g

Taveners Liquorice Allsorts 100g

Taveners Liquorice Comfits 100g

Taveners Pontefract Cakes 100g

Teddy Bears 100g

The Real Candy Co. Spearmint Chews 100g

Toffee Bonbons 100g

Tongue Painter Bubblegum Balls 100g

Tongue Painters 100g

Twin Cherries 100g

Vidal Fizzy Rainbow Bites 100g

Vidal Ice Cream Cones 100g

Vidal Mini Assorted Pencils 100g

Vidal Triple Hearts 100g

Vimto Fizzy Mallows 100g

Walkers Liquorice Toffees 100g

Walkers Milk Chocolate Eclairs 100g

Watermelon Bonbons 100g

Werthers Original Butter Candies 100g

Wine Gums 100g

Witches Heads 100g

Yellow Belly Snakes 100g

Yellow Paint Balls 100g

ZED Bubblegum Pool Balls 100g

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